First Post – The project description

Delal Bridge in Zakho

Delal Bridge in Zakho

This is a blog that I started for my PhD project that I’m doing in Geography at Lund University. Two years into the project, I thought it might be useful to not just write the thesis, but also write about the thesis.

The idea is therefore to publish things that are not publishable in journals, to write about data issues and other issues that might help fellow researchers (who are smart enough to google their problems) to solve similar problems.

The PhD project that I’m working on is currently going under the working title: Global Change, Local Moves: Population-Environment Dynamics in Iraqi Kurdistan. And this gives some hint of what I’m researching. The project started out focusing on migration and environmental change, and the linkages between the two, but I have loosened that up a little to just call it population-environment dynamics.

The study area is set in Northern Iraq or Iraqi Kurdistan which is a semi-autonomous area run by the Kurdistan Regional Government since 1991. The area is interesting since it has a rather unique history and environment. Currently, it is a society in transition with a rapidly developing economy and political situation. The history of violence and war has had an important effect on people’s dependence upon nature and their relations to their environment, but after being stabilized, new interesting things are happening in the region.

Study area: the Duhok governorate

Study area: the Duhok governorate

More information about the project will follow.


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