Starting with Object Based Image Classification

This week I finally got access to the eCognition software that I will use for my land cover classification of the Duhok Governorate. It will take some time to master but hopefully I can learn enough to help others with it.

It is based on a segmentation and then a classification where classes are assigned to segments through different criteria, e.g. all segments where the ratio between Red and Near Infrared channels are smaller than 1.2 is water.

So far I’ve managed to segment a subset of the area, and also classified all larger water bodies. The coming steps will probably be more of a challenge, for example to separate fallow land from bare soil.

If anyone wants to learn more about land cover classification in eCognition, here is a good youtube video that have at least helped me to get started:

The blue areas are water

The turquoise areas are water


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