Guess which border!

I’ve downloaded a bunch of Landsat 8 data over the Middle East that I am planning to use to create training data for land use classification (like I did in this paper). Exploring satellite data is very useful for finding interesting research questions. In this False Color Composite from summer 2015 it’s quite evident that the northern country has a much more developed agricultural sector compared to the southern one, something which I’m exploring further together with a colleague at CMES. More info about this interesting project will come later.

How did I make this figure? I imported the green, red and NIR layers to QGIS through the Raster>Merge tool which allowed me to create stacked scenes that I could turn into FCC’s. I’m not really able to explain the yellowish colors right now, probably I should play around with the settings to get it to look better, however, red means vegetation and all other colors mean little or no vegetation. You can also see that the figure includes two tiles that are recorded the same day but do not have the same colors. Radiometric and atmospheric corrections would probably help this, but I haven’t done that yet.

Feel free to comment if you have an idea of what area we’re looking at!


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